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About Us

Who is The Dreadful Stitch?

The Dreadful Stitch hand made dolls

The Dreadful Stitch is one mom from Portland, Oregon.

Inspired by my daughters love for dolls and the movie "Coraline" I decided to start creating unique rag dolls to represent every little ones unique personalities. 

Each doll is handmade from the body, to the hair, to the outfits, and even the hand painted faces right here in my home office in Portland.

I make every doll to be as unique as every one of our kids. Not using any set patterns for them it ensures that each one has its own unique shape and style. Starting with the body each one starts with a base idea and the unique features get added as I am creating it to fit each feature to the doll specifically. They all have their very own unique personality descriptions to suit their style. 

Even though every doll is unique they all have a few similar base features to tie them all together. Like their hand combed "dreaded" hairstyle. The yarn used for their hair is hand combed in small wefts to create a unique dread style hair for each one. They are all made from an undyed muslin to give a more classic look to them. They also all have button eyes that are hand sewn on to each face.

Creating things has always been a passion of mine. Being able to find inspiration from my own children to make something unique and fun for other peoples children is truly a great feeling! 

Find something you love? Every doll is one of a kind and will not be recreated. I recommend grabbing it before someone else does! You don't want to miss out on your perfect fit. Didn't find the perfect one this time around? That's okay! Keep checking back. I will be releasing new dolls every 2-4 weeks.